We believe in surrounding ourselves with fewer and better things.
Being essentialists at heart, we created KANSO to inspire people to surround themselves with fewer and better things. Our mission is to connect people with products that follow our values of quality, craftsmanship, and simplicity in design.
We believe good design allows for a more enjoyable life. The products featured here are not only functional but designed thoughtfully with the user in mind.
The objects should be timeless so that they serve their purpose and look current for years to come.
We believe the object should be functional and designed with a purpose.
KANSO was created to scratch my family’s itch. We have always been drawn to living with less. Japanese and Scandinavian designers tend to design their objects with this idea in mind. They believe in clean lines, eliminating the unnecessary, and that objects should be designed with a purpose and functional with the user in mind. Many of these designers and brands are hard to come by in the Midwest. So we thought why not introduce Kansas City to this way of life and design aesthetic.