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Save 20%Audo Copenhagen Resonant Pendant, Brass - KANSOAudo Copenhagen Resonant Pendant, Brass - KANSO
Audo Copenhagen
Resonant Pendant, Brass Sale price$2,500.00 Regular price$3,125.00
New Works Kizu Table Lamp, Small White Marble - KANSO#Color_White MarbleNew Works Kizu Table Lamp, Small White Marble - KANSO#Color_White Marble
New Works Margin Table Lamp - KANSONew Works Margin Table Lamp - KANSO
New Works
Margin Table Lamp Sale price$799.00
New Works Margin Pendant Ø50 - KANSO#Size_Ø50New Works Margin Pendant Ø50 - KANSO#Size_Ø50
New Works
Margin Pendant Sale priceFrom $719.00
New Works Margin Floor Lamp - KANSONew Works Margin Floor Lamp - KANSO
New Works
Margin Floor Lamp Sale price$1,099.00
Ferm Living Arum Table Lamp - KANSOFerm Living Arum Table Lamp - KANSO
Ferm Living
Arum Table Lamp Sale price$579.00

Timeless Scandinavian Lighting Collection – A Symphony of Light & Design

Welcome to the realm of elegance and innovation with KANSO's Scandinavian lighting collection. Here, functional design meets aesthetic perfection, all inspired by the enchanting legacy of Nordic craftsmanship.

Functionality Through Innovative Design

Illuminating your space takes on new meaning with our selection of modern light fixtures. Crafted with an innovative use of materials, our collection is designed to create welcoming pools of light or a warm, ambient glow. Experience lighting that radiates elegance without the intrusion of glare or harsh shadows.

Inspired by Nordic Excellence

Our collection features some of the most well-known lighting brands such as Audo Copenhagen, Ferm Living, &Tradition, and more. Born from the long, dark winters of Nordic countries, these designers have mastered the art of artificial lighting. This has been a critical aspect of Nordic life, and these fixtures embody that timeless innovation.

A Showcase of Lamps & Ceiling Fans

Discover an array of lamps and ceiling fans that represent the pinnacle of modern design. From sleek and minimalist to bold and striking, each piece is curated to offer a unique touch to your home:

  • Living Spaces: Choose fixtures that transform your living areas into spaces of warmth and tranquility.
  • Dining Ambiance: Select lighting that sets the stage for memorable dining experiences.
  • Comfort Zones: Explore lamps and ceiling fans that add a touch of sophistication to bedrooms and relaxation spaces.

Learn & Choose What's Right for Your Home

Understanding lighting and how it fits your home is a journey we're here to guide you through. Learn more about the types of light fixtures, explore our collection, and find the perfect lighting solution that resonates with your individual style and needs.